DOB  2002   Temperament 1calm to 10hot  4
Nickname/"dit" Vegas   Color  Bay
Sire *Star Lucky Touch
  Marking & gene Tobiano
Dam *Memorial Sassy princess   Gaited Yes
Registration ICHO : 459  D   Disciplin 1 Gaited disciplin
  SIRE :  SIRE 60 027 663 P Performance.   Disciplin 2 Western (depending mare)
  MFTHBA 02-75110   Disciplin 3 Rando/Trail
  SSHEB. 10800204    Method                                     
in hand
  Full Breeding rights ICHO    
Height 150cm   Accomodation mare >>Tarif
 Video Photo        Semen (3 doses of 8 straw)
Pedigree  Allbreedpedigree        Semen shipping
   info @
   Photos Vegas/progeny    
Payment EU : Full payment at the reservation   Stud fees


*Vegas is, in opinion of his ex owner Lisa Perry from Zion Gait Utah USA,
and all the register "the best quality Curly MFT breeding stallion in the world" today.

Have a look on our GAITED PAGE

April's Casanova MFTHBA 93-41336
Rex's Golden Touch MFTHBA 82-2200
Cindy's Majestic April MFTHBA
Star's Lucky Touch* ABC 269-1/2 Reese Horse MFT
Star JH* ABC 339(f) Black Star* ABC 558(f)
Golden Johnnie's Memorial C MFTHBA F-17469 AFTHBA Governor's Golden Johnnie MFTHBA
Memorial's Sassy Princess* ABC 128 Governor's Boots C MFTHBA 21406
Zanes Bay Bomber MFTHBA 78-14677
Bomber's Curley Princess* ABC 301(f) Lad's Curly Queen* MFTHBA 12958

*Vegas is calm and co operative, like the majority of our horses...
Each one has been selected on temperament. However he is also strong and courageous.
He’s a horse of exceptional ability. His feet are strong and durable,
which make him an excellent horse for challenging riding terrain.

One day... Or one night... The ancestors of the *Vegas bloodline met the curly gene pool...


Qui est le Missouri Fox Trotter ?
Il a toujours été très prisé par les cowboy pour le travail du bétail. Il est utilisé aux USA, par les rangers, les gardes forestiers,
pour son endurance et son pieds sûr. 90% des MFT enregistrés aujourd’hui appartiennent à des personnes qui pratiquent
les différentes disciplines Western, l’endurance et les autre équitations d’extérieures.

What that the Fox trot?
Itís a special 4 beat gait, caused when the horse walks quickly with his front feet and trots loosely with his hindquarters.
A gait which is very comfortable for the rider and very speedy to.
The horse can cover up to 8KPH on rough terrain and up to 16 KPH on flatter terrain.

info > le Gaited

We reserve the right to select the breed of the mares with whom he will breed.
This offers a unique bloodline as 90% of all Curly Fox Trotters originally came from these bloodlines.

*Vegas is a dark bay/white tobiano Dominant Curly Missouri Fox Trotter stallion.
In fact, he is one of only 6-7 Curly MFT breeding stallions in the world !
Most of the others are sorrel in color and most come from the more common curly bloodlines.
*Vegas transmits the tobiano about 50% of the time. He has only had one bay and white tobiano and all the rest have been black and white. He transmits curls 80% of the time.
*Vegas ' bloodlines are very rare bloodlines.
He comes from two curly parents who are both from the Curly Horse bloodlines.
Both *Vegas' parents are of rare dominant Curly Fox Trotter ancestry. Il est le seul étalon reproducteur Curly Missoury FoxTrotter dans le en France -  en Europe ils sont 2, lui et son fils Durango - en Amerique ils sont 3, à ne pas avoir de sang *Walker Prince T.

Heís the only Curly Missouri Fox Trotter stallion
in France - 1 in Germany with DURANGE - and 3 in America, that they donít have the blood of * Walker Prince T
This is the case for 90% of the Curly MFTís.
Most of these stallions are chestnut and they come from very common Curly bloodlines.
*Vegas passes on his tobiano gene to +-50% of his foals. He passes on 80% curls as well.
Could be a goog compromise with these 100% curly blood JAK mares:
* GG Anasazi 50%, slightly gaited.
* HCH American Woman 50%, un gaited
*WWW Painted Princess 100%, gait very pronounced.
Ateoc Painted 50%, very flexible gait.

* Vegas gets his curls from, Curly Jim, the original Fox Trotting curly stallion. In addition,
*Vegas comes from wonderful old style Fox Trotters and his pedigree traces back to impressive names
such as Rex's Golden Touch, Walker's Merry Lad, Mr. President, Danney Joe W. and Zane Grey.
He is also the only Curly Fox Trotter breeding stallion in the world, except for one son, with no *Walker's Prince T.

He continually amazes his trainers who work with him his high intelligence, gentle nature and natural gait
which is among the smoothest and best quality he has seen. Not only is he a quick learner, sweet natured
and naturally gaited, *Vegas offers straight legs, a strong, short top line and nice strong bones to his foals.
He consistently throws naturally smooth gaited, sure footed foals with sweet and easily trainable
dispositions that perform a variety of gaits.
He throws superior quality fox trotting foals when bred to more trotty or diagonally gaited fox trotting mares.

*Vegas has proven himself again and again as a top quality MFT breeding stallion.
Vegas stands at about 150 cm, but his sire was 152 cm, tall and his dam stands at 158 cm.
Some of his foals have grown much taller than him, so we have a nice mix of height s with him.