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  CURLY FONDATION   DOB/Naissance 16 Avril 2012
Chic   Color Alezan crins lavés
Gender/Genre Filly/Pouliche
  Temperament 1 (calm) to 10 (hot) 2
      Level at work/Niveau de travail in Hand
    Wowed to Discipline 1 Classic dress, jump
      Vouée à  Discipline 2 Endurance - rando
Registration ICHO : 1578 D   Discipline 3 Possible Western
  SIRE :12 770 588 A Performance   Gaited No/Non
Type Dominant Curly well curl    Height or will be/Taille ou toisera :   152/155cm



Pouliche sevrée à 8 mois
Bourée d'humour, cette petite danseuse ne tient pas en place, attachante.
Très belle conformation classique, solide osseuse, jolie frisure souple...
Conserve sa queue et s'alège d'une partie de sa crinière à la belle saison.

She was weaned at 8 months
a bundle of fun, this little mover is never in the same place, she always wants to be your friend.
She presents a very beautiful classic conformation, very solid frame with strong bones, pretty soft and silky curls..  s
S he keeps her tail all year round along with her mane which only thins a bit during the summer